Student Commendations

Mrs. Ball at Sunnyside is the best teacher in the world!!! How is she the best? She has read-ins and lots of other fun stuff. What is a read-in? A read in is where my class can bring their pillows and treats and wear their pajamas if they want. We read lots of books while having fun!

Mrs. Ball teaches us so we can learn a lot and have fun. She thinks the more we have fun the more we learn. She wants us to do our best. If she thinks it’s not our best, we have to do it all over again. She’s not doing that to be mean, she’s doing it so we can learn more and more each day.

Do you how other teachers keep their students on their grade level? Mrs. Ball does not. She looks at how good we do and decides where we are leaning in math, reading and writing.

Mrs. Ball does yoga to stretch out her muscles. She also teaches us yoga. I like yoga because sometimes we need to stretch out our bodies.

Mrs. Ball is awesome, I love her! My name is Lily Browning and I’m in 2nd grade.