Czech Republic Curriculum

My unit on the Czech Republic has opened a whole new world for my students. I am amazed how enthralled they are to learn about different cultures. They have such a better understanding of the world and it uniqueness just by learning so much about the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe. I started off with the legends of Golem. We discussed in length the difference between Judaism and Christianity. They were so tolerant of the differences and it was just matter of fact and logical to them. Golem taught them how lies and judgments can hurt others’ lives to the highest degree. They understand the definition of legends as we read about how Poland, Russia, and the Czech Republic was founded, how the white lady helped her descendants, and the legend of the knights waiting to protect the Czech Republic. (They said this was a legend for sure because they would have come out during World War II.) Rivka’s Way gave them a deeper perceptive of the Jewish way of life and they all know many Jewish terms. Hana’s Suitcase and I Never Saw Another Butterfly touched their hearts the very most. Many of my students’ parents commented on their family discussions about this book and how Hana’s life has so much meaning because she did become a teacher through his brother George. (They could hardly believe he was one of the 100 who survived Terezin). The ABC’s of Prague is just about memorized because they love playing the game that can identify what each letter stands for. I am amazed how much children love to learn about money. I gave them all Czech coins and they saw them as treasures. They realized how important it is to know multiplication and division so when they will know how to convert money when they visit other countries in the future. The geography unit helped them understand why our region and the Czech Republic have so many similar characteristics. One of their favorites was Czech Out the Neighbors because they loved drawing the flags and seeing the PowerPoint of the different places. I also showed this PowerPoint at Back-To- School Night and my parents were amazed and commented on how much their children knew about Eastern Europe. (Some comments….I can’t believe my child can locate the Czech Republic on a map and I thought it was still Czechoslovakia. She knows about the Chain Bridge in Budapest! My daughter knows how incredible it was that Warsaw was rebuilt after WWII.) It was so intriguing to them to compare the countries to our states. Teaching this unit has taught them about how all cultures have their own unique attributes and history, but it has also reinforced and taught essential standards such as the definition of legends and fairy tales, reading graphs, longitude and latitude, geography terms, comprehension skills, comparing skills, new vocabulary, labeling a map, world history, different kinds of governments, multiplication skills, and introduced them to new literature, all while learning about the Czech Republic and it neighbors. This is my favorite teaching experience because through my unit, I have thematically taught many skills and comprehensively let them explore the Czech Republic through my experiences.  My students have benefited from my experience beyond and I will continue to teach this unit every other year, as my students are with me for three years.  I know my students will remember the Czech Republic forever and hopefully I have inspired them to visit this incredible country. When I ask them how they are enjoying learning about the Czech Republic……….their response…………..


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Czech Republic Unit Teacher Resources

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