About Mrs. Ball

After graduating from the University of Utah and teaching in Salt Lake City, Mrs. Ball and her husband, Doug, moved back to their hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho, where she has taught for over 30 years for Idaho Falls School District #91  and Doug works for the The Buckner Company.   Mrs. Ball’s family is an immense support in her life.   She has been married to her husband for over 38 years and they enjoy a life of cross country skiing,snowshoeing, running marathons, and mountain biking.    Her son, Conrad has a MBA in Finance and works for Washington Trust and his wife, Melissa is a respiratory therapist and they live in Boise, Idaho.  They have two amazing grandchildren, Jameson and Gavin.  Being  a Nana is one of her favorite things in life and her grandchildren bring her such joy!  Her daughter, Rebecca has a  Masters in Urban Studies and lives in Portland, Oregon and is  lobbyist.  Her youngest son,  Patrick has his Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue University and works for Rolls Royce in Indianapolis.   Their dogs, Jewels and Ellie, love to go on all their sport adventures and bring such joy everyday.

Mrs. Ball’s  years of teaching Kindergarten, primary grades, and a multi-aged classroom have given her many opportunities to understand the variety of ways children learn. She believes in hands-on experiences and providing students with the opportunity to investigate,as this is when the most valuable learning takes place.

Teaching a multi-aged class of first, second, and third graders has given her the chance to develop curricula that allow the teacher and the students to explore, expand, and individualize lessons for a variety of learning levels and styles. “My students have enriched my world in numerous ways and bring enlightenment to my life everyday. I am grateful for the community teaching has given me. Developing a community is the foundation of life and learning. A career that provides so many opportunities to grow is truly a blessing. My days are filled with the rich creativity of children and pure joy.”

Qualifications and Awards

Publication of Wake-Up Brain series in 2000 that reinforces skills in world geography, spelling punctuation, language arts, map skills, and mathematics (ESC Learning Systems, San Antonio, TX)

Publication of Brown Bag Science series in 2003 that uses a hands-on approach to teaching science, while improving comprehension skills with thematic literature studies (ESC Learning Systems, San Antonio, TX)

Participated in writing the language guides for first grade for the Idaho State Curriculum Web Site

Participated in writing the reading guides for third grade for the Idaho State Curriculum Web Site

Recipient of “8 Who Makes A Difference Award” in 2001 for community service for Eastern Idaho

Nominated four times  for “Teacher of the Year Award” through  the Post Register

Nominated six times for “Sylvan Learning Teacher of the Year Award”

Nominated for “Walt Disney Teacher of the Year Award”

Selected for inclusion in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 2005 and 2007

Fulbright receipient to Prague to write curriculum about the Czech Republic,  Summer 2005

Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year, 2008

INL Grant receipient for visual projector and “Insects Larger than Life” exploration,2009

Maeck Foundation Grant receipient for T-shirts, JetPress Tranfer for T-shirts, Flip Camera, and printer to enhance educational plays, 2010

Qwest Foundation recipient for 11 iPads and apps to teach  “Out of this World, Out of the Ordinary,”  space unit and enhance technolgy in the classroom, 2011

Completion of 18 marathons throughout the United States

Maeck Foundation Grant for thematic units in math.


Boise State University 1974-1976

University of Utah 1976-1979 Bachelors of Science Degree 3.78/4.0


 Idaho Falls Schoo1 District, Idaho Falls, Idaho

           Kindergarten Teacher 1981-1982 1984-1996

          Multi-age Teacher 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades 1996-2015

Bonneville School District, Idaho Falls, Idaho 1980-1981

          Third Grade Teacher

Davis County School District, Salt Lake City, Utah 1978-1980

Third Grade Teacher



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