Mrs. Ball’s Philosophy

I believe in teaching with love, appreciation, consideration, and a sense of community.  Students learn to use these characteristics to enhance and enrich their innate love for learning.  Children deserve full recognition for their efforts. Learning is natural and I believe in providing a safe and enriching environment which ensures their growth in education. All children have unique talents and gifts to share, and it is the sharing of those gifts that enhances their lives as well as others. We are not born with all gifts, so earning them is the greatest of accomplishments. I believe children love to learn and must become engaged in their environment.   This is a classroom that provides children with the opportunities  to learn to their full academic level and children are taught at instructional levels.    Children are encouraged to do their very best and are challenged to reach their learning potential.  Teaching techniques are adapted and flexible to reach each child’s unique learning style.  My main goal is to develop an atmosphere that encourages a love for learning and an understanding that we are a community that supports and helps one another while we do our very best.

The children are provided with all kinds of hands on experiences, such as, working in groups to explore a concept, literature studies, curriculum fairs, publishing books, plays, and a big production at the end of the year on cultures of the world  and United States history.   This productions gives them a chance to shine and realize their gifts.  The main goal is to have lifetime learners who value knowledge as an essential part of their lives.

The vibrancy of children remains ever constant, and they are my mentors because they naturally want to explore. Teaching is my passion because learning is a lifetime adventure and children genuinely want to discover the world.